Luxury Jet Charter

There is no greater demonstration of wealth than travelling in your own private aircraft. You can enjoy that sensation by using luxury jet hire to get you and your friends from place to place in a degree of comfort which no commercial airline's first class could ever hope to match.

Luxury aircraft often feature an extraordinary amount of bonus features, to remove the risk of you getting bored or uncomfortable as you freely roam around the spacious, comfortably furnished cabin. On-board entertainment facilities are frequently complimented with wireless internet and a capacious bar. The TV sets, too, are not the six-inch screens in the back of the seat in front, but a full wall-screen.

There are also no other passengers on board – barring the ones you select – to disturb your enjoyment or slumber. Most VIP aircraft have a maximum capacity of well under 20 passengers and some as few as just six, making crossing countries and continents in style a very exclusive party. With the aircraft personally hired, though, it can be whatever kind of party you choose – legal restrictions permitting.

Sleeping is often the greatest inconvenience for those travelling with commercial airlines. If it isn't the constant roar of the engines, the hugely over-eager air conditioning or the tight confines of your allotted seating space, its the annoying whims of all of the hundreds of other passengers around you. This is why it is practically impossible to leave an airport's arrivals terminal without stifling a yawn.

When it comes to sleeping, you need not suffer the seats which recline into beds. With luxury jet hire, you could be cruising in an Airbus ACJ319's full-sized double bed. Arrive well-rested and ready for anything, having had the flight of your life with Excellium Private Aviation.